New Beginnings

I have been toying around with the idea of starting a blog for quite some time. I have had people suggest it to me several times in the past and would always put it on my “maybe one day” list. I think I hesitated out of fear of what people would say or think of my content. For one I make several typos and I didn’t want to appear uneducated. Also, the mere thimageought of blogging about my inner most thoughts regarding things that are most important to me (love, self worth, self respect, relationships, spirituality, emotions, self value etc.) made me afraid. I mean the idea of exposing myself in a way that anyone can see made me feel vulnerable in a way that I was not ready for.

But as time went by I have noticed I find myself sharing my thoughts with women who were complete strangers to me. Also, I have been known to drop posts on Facebook that gave others an insight to the inner ramblings of my mind. So here I am on May 20, 2015 starting a blog. This may either be one of my most freeing experiences or quite possibly it could turn into something that I will look back on and say, “What in the world was I thinking when I ventured out into the world of exposing my life lessons via blogging”. No matter how this turns out, I have begun my journey.

Last fall I decided to try my best to make a concerted effort to find the courage to do the things I feel a desire to do, even if it meant doing it afraid. The dream of starting a blog has been in me for far too long to dismiss for another moment. So here I am starting a new chapter of my story. A chapter that entails me sharing my thoughts and life lessons to be viewed by anyone who stumbles across my site on the Internet. I hope my words encourage and help others as they travel their own journey to discovering and loving themselves.

Renata Nicole

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3 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Jill says:

    I’m so proud of you!! I look forward to your updates. Life is a learning experience, friend. No matter how long this blog lasts, and I hope you keep it going for a long time, I know you will learn from it, and you will impart so much wisdom to your readers.

    I am one of those people who’ve never met you, and yet I love you. All the best on this journey. And remember that courage is doing in spite of the fear. You have repeatedly shown such courage and determination in your life. I suspect I’m only aware of the tip of the iceberg there.

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  2. Stephanie Moore says:

    My personal belief is there is a season and a reason for everything. I believe that you needed to wait to start this blog and that by waiting you have entered into this at a time when God has appointed which will bear alot of fruit! You are well spoken and a very educated woman! You’re inspirational and I’m so grateful that I get to be your friend and inspired by your blogs! The best part is I know you are an inspiration to others as well! I’m so glad you are writing even if you do make mistakes because they are insignificant in comparison to the value and inspiration these blogs will give!

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