Clear Skies Ahead

Clear Skies Ahead Courtesy of Demetrise Perry

Clear Skies Ahead
Courtesy of Demetrise Perry

When I was little my family used to take long car trips quite frequently. During some of the road trips it would start pouring down sheets of rain. I mean rains so heavy that we could barely see the windshield wipers going back and forth over the windshield of the car. It was simply unsafe to drive. People would start pulling over and some would stop under bridges to wait for the storm to let up.

But not my dad. Nope, my dad would just keep on driving. He would say,, “I am not stopping, all I have to do is drive through the storm”. And sure enough there would be clear skies not too far ahead.

I don’t advocate getting in a vehicle and driving down the road when you can’t see anything in front of you. But as scary as those trips were with my dad at the wheel hell-bent on not losing time – he was on to something.

In life, storms are going to come.

You can immediately pull over on the side of the road and throw on your flashers alerting people you have stopped and that you don’t want to be hit while you are waiting on the storm to pass.

You can stop under the bridge to weather the storm while you wait for it to pass.

Or you can drive through the storm.

No matter what you choose to do in an attempt to make it through storms, logic tells you that the storm is going to pass. There will be times when it rains so hard you may not be able to even see 12 inches in front of you. But as it goes with driving through a storm so it goes with the storms of life.

Clear skies are always just up ahead.

The thing is I never know when clear skies are coming, I simply know they are coming.That is the lesson that I have learned to hold on to. When storm clouds gather, the thunder roars, the rain pours and the lightning flashes I remember that there are ALWAYS clear skies ahead.

Sometimes I get afraid but it is in those times I stop and seek shelter. While I sit in shelter I remember the truth that the rain is going to stop.

Other times I instantly become paralyzed with fear, I stop dead in my tracks and I just sit still. But even then I have learned that no matter how loud the thunder roars to not let it drown out the truth that the rain is going to stop.

Then there are other times when my father’s blood runs through me in a way that I cannot explain and I drive through that storm knowing that clear skies are just ahead and no rain is going to stop me from making my way to my destination.

It isn’t about the approach that I take. It is about the fact that I hold on to the truth that hard times do not last always. I remind myself that I will smile again, the tears will stop, the mourning stops and that even when it seems like the storm is getting worse the storm always stops.

I don’t forget the storms that I have been through. I use the fact that the storms of my past are no more as a reminder that no matter how I chose to make it through the storm that God always allowed the storm to stop.

Some storms lasted a long time. Others seemed to be followed by more storms coming back to back over a short period of time. I would often feel like it would never let up. I would begin to think that I was being punished for having the rains of life come my way. I would beat myself up and believe that the storms of life were there because I was a bad person.

But, the rains fall on the just and unjust. I am learning to stop being so hard on myself and to stop blaming myself for my humanness. I am learning that if I do the best that I know how to do, if I love myself, love God and love others that there is no reason for me to allow guilt and blame  to enter my thought process allowing me feel like I called on the storm.

Hold on to the faith that clear skies are up ahead and don’t beat yourself up because it rained. Love yourself enough to know that while there are times when we bring problems on ourselves there are also times when it simply just rains – and all rains will eventually stop.

Don’t let people convince you that you are a bad person that summoned the storm when you know for yourself that you have been doing right and treating people right. When life’s tragedies come upon you – and they will come don’t allow people to make you believe that you must have done something wrong to bring it upon yourself; especially  when you know for yourself that you have a pure heart. Love yourself enough to know that bad things do happen to good people. 

Clear skies are ahead. I don’t know when they are coming but I do know that clear skies are always just ahead. 

Renata Nicole

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4 thoughts on “Clear Skies Ahead

  1. Donald Thomas says:

    A very powerfully and inspiring blog.
    keep it going.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. RenataNicole says:

    Thanks for the encouragement.


  3. Stephanie says:

    This is very truthful as are all your blogs speak truths. I also used to think I was an aweful or unworthy crappy person when life storms happened. The truth as you explained here and I learned later is that sometimes storms just happen and it’s not your fault. This lesson was one of the more freeing lessons I’ve learned about life. Do I sometimes fall and stumble for a moment when life gives me storms, yes. But the difference is today I don’t let it completely stop me on the side of the road for very long at all.


    • RenataNicole says:

      One of my favorite books of the Bible is the Book of Job. Most people remember Job for all he lost greatly despite being a perfect and upright man and how God later restored him. What struck me most about the Book of Job is his three friends who sat with him during his troubles and tried to convince him to confess his sins so good could come to him. God admonished his “friends” for their behavior. I think sometimes we are taught to believe that bad things only happen to bad people. But the rains really do fall on the just and the unjust and we have all seen the wicked prosper. Indeed conviction comes from God, However any feeling of condemnation does not come from God.


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