Don’t Give Up On Yourself

Photo Courtesy of: Wesley Zittle

Photo Courtesy of: Wesley Zittle

At a certain point in my life I made the personal decision to stop eating meat and have done so for several years now. I did this for a variety of reasons and recently I decided to eliminate wheat, egg and dairy from my diet as well. In my past whenever I would stop eating wheat, egg, dairy in addition to meat I noticed I had more energy, my skin cleared up, my eyes would get clearer, I would lose weight and I felt better. But then after a while I would add egg and dairy back into my life. Each time I reintroduced wheat, egg and dairy the weight would come back, my pain levels would increase and I would find myself more fatigue.

But this isn’t really about my diet or the pros and cons of it.

This is about why on earth did I give up doing something that improved my health and made me feel better?!?!

I think I did it for the same reason lots of us do it.

I gave up on myself!

Think about how many ways people give up on themselves.

We start exercising and we give up.

We start eating healthier foods only to go back to making poor food choices.

We start going to university to further our education then we drop out.

We start writing a book and stop in the middle of a chapter.

We begin focusing on our career, then get off track.

We start working on our finances, then we stop watching our spending habits.

We start trying to improve our relationships then leave them by the wayside.

We dive into our hobbies and our dreams and then somewhere along the line we toss our passion to the side.

I know for me personally I am guilty of giving up on all of these things at some point in my life.

I have stopped exercising because I didn’t have time with all the other things going on with my life.

I have stopped eating the way that I know makes me feel best because that cookie looked so good.

I have unenrolled from a course I was interested in because the teacher was crazy and too hard to learn from.

I have stopped focusing on my career because my coworkers were difficult to get along with.

I checked out of personal relationships because the other person wasn’t acting the way I would like them to and I simply didn’t have the time or energy to further invest.

I stopped writing that children’s book because I figured it would never sell.

I stopped working on my finances because I thought what is the point I pay the debt off and life happens.

I stopped giving time to my hobbies because I didn’t have time for them any more with being a mom and working full time.

I gave up on my dreams because…

Okay let me just be honest and stop with the excuses.

I gave up on my dreams for the same reason I gave up on all those other things…

I gave up on me….

I gave up on me because things got difficult. It was just too hard and I didn’t feel like waiting for easy.

Yes, sometimes life does happen, distractions come and we can be out of balance. But for each of those instances my truth is I was giving up on myself.

I just hit a wall and mentally checked out.

I lost focus on what was important and was disloyal to myself.

I betrayed myself by no longer doing the things that I knew pleased me because things got hard.

Are there times when you should leave relationships?

Sure there are!

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work to cultivate newer and healthier ones.

Is money everything?

Of course it isn’t!

However, it is an instrument that we use in our society to make things happen. Therefore, we should be good stewards.

There are going to be times when you should walk away from bad investments. There are going to be times when you just don’t believe you can take any more of a current situation. And when your soul tells you that a situation is no longer serving you then by all means love yourself enough to walk away.

However, when your body and soul is saying ‘that morning walk is refreshing’, by all means walk on. When your body says ‘these new eating habits give me more energy’, keep operating in that system of nutrition. The relationships, hobbies, activities, career goals, that make you happy and feel better about the person you are should be nourished by you.

Do what truly pleases your soul.

Eating foods that taste good on my palate but later makes me feel run down is giving up on myself.

Walking away from a relationship because the other person hurt my feelings one time out of the hundreds of times they made me smile is giving up on myself.

Being careless with my money when I know that it is a means I use to help others as well as to facilitate my dreams is giving up on the things that make me happy, which in turn is giving up on myself.

You can give up toxic relationships, negative addictions, jobs that don’t fulfill you, but don’t you dare give up on what makes you truly happy.

There are times when you might stop doing what pleases your spirit man, but don’t make that permanent. Times get hard and we all fall short here and there, but be determined to dust yourself off and try again.

Do what makes you truly happy at a core level.

Harming your body, denying your truth, leaving a relationship that serves you because of a rough patch, starving your dreams, and/or neglecting yourself will not make you happy. So love yourself enough not to give up on those things.

Just because you gave up on something doesn’t mean it is over.

The relationship with that particular person may be over, but surely you can work to cultivate healthier ones as opposed to being alone, that is, if deep down you desire companionship.

Maybe you can’t get that particular job back, but you can still work in a profession that makes you happy and ultimately fulfills your life’s purpose.

As long as you have breath in your body, you have purpose – so, fulfill it.

And as for me I am going to love myself enough to make a concerted effort to stop eating foods that I know make me feel bad. And when I see the cake, I will pass because I know that moment of tasty goodness is not worth the physical toll it takes on me.

Do what pleases you mind, body and soul.

Don’t give up on yourself. And if you have, just remember it is never too late to get back to loving you!

Renata Nicole

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