The Dream, The Belief, The Journey

Photo Courtesy of: Stephanie Cave

Photo Courtesy of: Stephanie Cave

Making the decision to be my unique self meant that I was doing things differently than everyone else.

Anytime we are striving to be ourselves we are working to achieve our purpose.

Thus, I am going down a path that others cannot relate to because it is my path.

Mine and mine alone.

Doing what I feel in my soul to be right means that it may not make sense to anyone else.

There are times when I have been called crazy by my friends and my family.

But I have the confidence in myself to know that I am not crazy.

Different? – Yes

Crazy – No

I made the decision to do things the way I felt in my soul to be right.

I question things and I choose to look behind the veil when others say why question it, lets just do as we are told.

Sometimes I get scared when I try to do what I think is best for me.

There are times when I have to press through with tears streaming down my face because I wonder if it will ever happen.

Especially when I can’t find someone to stand in agreement with me.

It isn’t always easy facing your fears when friends, family and loved ones cannot hear the small still voice inside of you telling you that you are going the right way.

And then there are the thoughts.

Oh you know the ones I am talking about.

Those thoughts of fear that tell you to give up.

The thoughts that tell you that this is too hard.

The thoughts that tell you that maybe someone else could do this but not you.

You are not good enough!

You are not smart enough!

You simply don’t have what it takes to achieve your goals!

You have to understand that that is fear talking to you. And as they say “everything you want is on the other side of fear”.

And to accompany the thoughts of fear are the words of the naysayers.

The people who laugh at you for trying and failing.

The folks who openly judge you whenever you come around.

The ones who ridicule you for daring to dream.

Those who roll their eyes at you and whisper when you walk into the room.

You have to recognize that many people want you to fail because your success makes them uncomfortable.

Your success means that the status quo of doing the bare minimum and going through life and accepting whatever comes and not putting in the work to strive for better isn’t the way to succeed at life.

Additionally, it is as Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist 

“If someone isn’t what others want them to be, the others become angry. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.”

So why listen the words of others regarding your life when they do not even know what they are doing with their own?

We listen because apart of ourselves believes the negative things they are saying.

I challenge you to stop believing the negatives.

Get to a point where the negative things they say no longer resonates with you and you are able to easily remove yourself from the chatter off the masses.

And you get to the point by deciding what you are going to believe.

Realize that you cannot control what other people say or do and you cannot control your thoughts.

People are going to talk and people are going to judge.

Random things will pop into your mind and you will not have an inkling where they came from.

But the good news is you can control how you feel about what is said about you and the thoughts that enter your mind.

You get to decide if you believe the voice telling you that you are worthless.

You get to decide if you cosign on the notion that you are a failure.

See when you cast out negative thoughts and replace them with positives ones, the voices of negativity get quieter while those of a positive nature will start to echo.

Be your own champion and your own biggest cheerleader.

I use positive affirmations, but here is the thing about positive affirmations – You need to reach a point where you believe the words that are coming out of your mouth.

Me saying statements without any form of belief is just me rambling.

When you speak positively about yourself do it with some level of faith, even if it is the faith the size of a mustard seed.

I dare you to believe in yourself.

Be your own advocate!

You have to come to a place where when people tell you that you cannot achieve the dream that is deeply embedded in your soul that you are able to dismiss it as rubbish.

Your purpose is here for you to fulfill, don’t let the naysayers keep you from it just because they are too afraid to fulfill theirs!

And then we have the hard times.

So let’s talk about the hard times.

Sometimes we step out on faith only to find ourselves falling flat on our bottoms.

I subscribe to the belief that the man that falls and gets back up has achieved far more than the man who has never fallen. This is because the man who has never fallen has never tried to push himself beyond his level of comfort and familiarity.

It is hard when you go through dark periods of your life.

You start to think that trouble will never let up.

And it is even worse when hope gets dangled before you only to have it dashed.

I know what it is to see light at the end of the tunnel and get excited only to find out that it is the headlights of a train flashing before me.

But I had to press through and keep going.

I know what it is to be tired and say this thing isn’t working and want to give up.

I know what it is to lay down my body and think that if I do not wake tomorrow that is fine with me.

But you must faint not and keep on striving to achieve greatness.

Keep hoping.

Keep believing that the dream of something better and greater than what you are currently doing isn’t just a dream but a reality that you are destined to walk into.

Stop listening to those who tell you that you can’t!

Sometimes you will feel as though you have no one to talk to who understands where you are at.

That’s the thing about trailblazing, you are doing a new thing so while some might be able to relate on a certain level they will not fully understand your journey because your journey is your own.

When I find myself in a position where I can’t find anyone who understands me I take this as a signal that I need to spend time alone with myself and to take some time out to talk to God.

I am aware that everyone doesn’t believe in a higher power and to them I say it is at this time that you need to be alone with yourself and dig deep within you and listen to the voice within you that you know to be true.

I encourage you to love yourself enough to continue pressing through and believing that life has more to offer than just getting up, going to work, paying bills and dying,

Life is more than eat and drink.


I have heard people say that if you do things a certain way life is easy and you will always be happy.

I am not saying that they are wrong (perhaps they truly know a route I do not) I am saying that it has been my own personal experience that sometimes life is painful.

Sometimes life is filled with grief so heavy it can knock a grown man down to his knees.

I don’t have all of the answers, but I know that giving up is not the solution.

I know that listening to people who tell you that you can’t will only result in you walking away from your purpose.

You are going to make mistakes.

You are going to turn left when it would have been better to turn right.

You are going stumble and fall in the same hole repeatedly until you realize how not to stumble.

You are going to run when you should walk and you are going to move when you should stand still.

But that is because you are learning, that is because you are expanding and stepping into your purpose.

I previously used the word “should” but I want you to know that life has a funny way of using even your mistakes to bless you.

So be of good cheer and know that ultimately YOU CANNOT FAIL!

Now don’t mistake my statement that you cannot fail as a call to sit idly by and wait for success to fall in your lap.

That statement is a call to movement not one for you to be stagnant.

Recognize it to mean that if you are doing what you believe to be right and are trying your best that life will bless you even in your mistakes.

And while I do not recommend it, I have witnessed life to be so amazing that even when we go in what we call the wrong direction in purposeful defiance that even then our mistakes can be used to make us prosperous.

Life has a way of working everything out in such a way that your failure will be your success, if you just believe that your call to greatness is true.

The thing about the journey to greatness is that it is just that – a journey.

We like to believe that things just suddenly happen overnight.

But there is the quiet years that no one really knows about.

There is the hard times, the blood, the sweat, the tears, the feeling of loneliness, the loss, the grief and the heartache of feeling like maybe you will never make it. The work of casting out the thought that maybe you should turn back and give up and be like everyone else.

Dreaming that you can be better than you currently are is the initial step, believing you could actually achieve it is the next, doing the work it takes is the journey.

Love yourself enough to dream, to believe and take the journey to greatness. I will not lie and say it is easy. But I will tell you it is worth it. You have a purpose and I encourage you to fulfill it. Some people are going to laugh – ignore them. You are not going to get it right one hundred percent of the time – learn from your mistakes.  You may go through periods where people turn their back on you, they have a right to do that but please don’t turn your back on your dreams. If you have given up, you are still breathing that means your dream is still attainable – attain it!

Renata Nicole

© Renata Pittman, Renata Nicole and RenataNicole, 2016. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Renata Pittman and RenataNicole with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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