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The purpose of this website is to help others on their self-love journey. It is my hope to help others to have the strength and desire to always love themselves so they can in turn build healthier and happier relationships. I do this by sharing my own self-love journey.

Here you will find links to my blog posts, YouTube videos, Facebook pages, Twitter account and Instagram account. Each avenue has encouragement, motivation and tools to help you advance your self love journey as I advance mine. So please feel free to navigate to the left of this page and find tools to help you become your best self.

I began blogging because the more people I came in contact with the more I came to find that we all are looking for the same things in life. We are seeking things like – love, peace, security, happiness, health, abundance and positive relationships. Over the years I started talking with people and began noticing that “their story” was “my story”. It was as if while the pain in another person’s life may have stemmed from different events than mine but nevertheless the feelings of hurt, abandonment, loss, and rejection echoed in me, as well as them. While I have indeed heard stories from people who have experienced grief and loss in a capacity that my mind cannot conceive, their story of pain was one I most certainly knew.

I have come to the realization that so many people do not love themselves and they are looking for love from external sources. There are countless people who practice self-hate and lack the tools to begin to practice self-love. Furthermore, there are also several people who don’t even realize that they don’t love themselves. I know because, there was a time when I didn’t like myself, let alone love myself.

I am a person who has been through some things and has a sincere hope of helping others get through their things.

There was a point where I considered not starting this blog and where I even stopped giving out advice to others because I felt like I was a hypocrite. I felt like a hypocrite because there have been times (yes even very recent times) when I have allowed myself to be disrespected and devalued by others when I knew I deserved better. But here is the thing, even though I don’t have it all together, what I do have I want to share with you. My truth is I stumble as I overcome the pain from my past, however, I am fully committed to overcoming.

Renata Nicole

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