I am Statements (Positive Affirmations)

I set a goal for myself to journal positive affirmations about myself daily. I refer to them as “My I am Statements”. I have found it to be a positive step in my self-love process.

I have decided to share an example of my I am statements that I write in my journal and that I speak about myself. These are things I desire to have in my life. I recognize I cannot give what I do not have and I recognize that as my thoughts go so does my body, behavior and day go. I acknowledge that how I think determines how I feel. I choose to take active steps to believe what is good about me as opposed to what is bad. The things that I want to become, I confess about myself because I know that goodness resides in me.

In an effort not to speak negatively about myself I try to remember that one of God’s names is I Am. I subscribe to the belief that the divine resides within me. I have no desire to speak negatively of the Father therefore I have become more watchful of how I finish an I am statement.

While I do not believe that I am God, I do believe that I am made in His image and in His likeness. It is my belief that as a reflection of God and His likeness, that I am connected to the Divine Creator and that I have dominion on this earth. So as I serve and acknowledge Him, and recognize my power in Him, He would keep no good thing from me.

When I write “My I am Statements” I make them nouns as opposed to adjectives whenever possible. I recognize that I don’t just do those things but that the Divine who resides within me is those things and that for me to receive them and to walk in them I must acknowledge that I as a part of the divine I am also them.

I am connected to He who is the Creator and as I worship Him in spirit and in truth, He delights in me and blesses me with more of Him. As I acknowledge these things, I become these things, as I become these things, I give these things and as I give these things, I receive these things.

Recognize that what you want, you already have, because you have God and He would keep no good thing from you.

These are things I desire to be in my life, desire to give in my life and desire to receive in my life. So I write these things about myself. After I write them, I say them – as I say them, I become them, because I am aware that I am them.

For almost a year I would write 40 I am statements and I would find myself struggling once I arrived at 30. However, after several months I found a breakthrough where I can write 60 or more with ease.

I tell people write 10 more than what you feel comfortable writing. Always do more than what is easy for you to do.

If you cannot think of one good thing about yourself then write 10. If you find writing 20 is easy go for 30. If writing 90 is easy go for 100.

As you stretch your mind to find positive things about yourself you will expand.

It is hard for me to write I am fitness when I am out of shape. But I know that the power to become in shape resides within me.

I hope that you find these positive affirmations to be helpful. You will find that I typically write the things I desire in the form of a noun as opposed to an adjective. This is because my goal is beyond the action of giving or receiving, my goal is the acknowledgment of who I am.

My mother named me Renata Nicole. Renata means reborn. For this reason I often end my I am statements with “I am Renata”.

As my consciousness becomes more aware of new I am statements about myself I add and make edits to this page so please feel free to come back and find new words for you to come into agreement with you as you continue on your soul’s journey.

For more information watch my YouTube clip on I am Statements. You can find a link to the clip by clicking on the YouTube link under the Inspiration category located on the left panel of this blog and at the bottom of this page.

1. I am love.

2. I am joy.

3. I am peace.

4. I am mercy.

5. I am sound (sound mind).

6. I am clear.

7. I am open (open minded and nonjudgmental).

8. I am hope.

9. I am laughter.

10. I am abundance.

11. I am wealth.

12. I am wholeness

13. I am complete

14, I am mother

15, I am friendship

16. I am investment (I used to say employment but I realized I don’t want to work for my    money I want my money to work for me).

17. I am organization

18. I am health

19. I am energy

20. I am goodness

21. I am forgiveness.

22. I am attraction.

23. I am beauty.

24. I am righteous.

25. I am spirit.

26. I am truth.

27. I am light.

28. I am kindness.

29. I am fitness.

30. I am wisdom.

31. I am knowledge.

32. I am intelligence.

33. I am daughter.

34. I am grace.

35. I am nutrition.

36. I am care.

37. I am positive.

38. I am present.

39. I am position (I am positioned for greatness).

40. I am awareness.

41. I am loyalty.

42. I am dedication.

43. I am faith.

44. I am trust.

45. I am compassion.

46. I am responsibility.

47. I am understanding.

48. I am reason.

49. I am delight.

50. I am pleasure.

51. I am honesty.

52. I am authentic.

53. I am genuine.

54. I am neighbor.

55. I am security.

56. I am prosperity.

57. I am comfort.

58. I am positive.

59. I am honor.

60. I am loyalty.

61. I am genuine.

62. I am authentic.

63. I am faith.

64. I am enlightenment.

65. I am thanksgiving.

66. I am gratitude.

67. I am magnificence.

68. I am strength.

69. I am awake.

70. I am brave.

71. I am steadfast.

72. I am family.

73. I am complete.

74. I am certain.

75. I am celebration.

76. I am blessing.

77. I am enjoyment.

78. I am wonderful.

79. I am intelligence.

80. I am power.

81. I am pure.

82. I am meek.

83. I am relaxation.

84. I am acceptance.

85. I am fullness.

86. I am patience.

87. I am helper.

88. I am teacher.

89. I am student.

90. I am fun.

91. I am success.

92. I am courage.

93. I am brave.

94. I am provision.

95. I am charity.

96. I am benevolence.

97. I am creativity.

98. I am life.

99. I am competence.

100. I am harmony.

101. I am grace.

102. I am passion.

103. I am determination.

104. I am desire.

105. I am life.

106. I am appreciation.

107. I am honesty.

108. I am freedom.

109. I am respect.

110. I am truth.

111. I am worth.

112. I am value.

113. I am hospitality.

114. I am giving.

115. I am clean.

116. I am praise.

117. I am noble.

118. I am just.

119. I am attraction.

120. I am balance.

121. I am fairness.

122. I am wonder.

123. I am discernment.

124. I am intuition.

125. I am tranquility.

126. I am serenity.

127. I am fitness.

128. I am rest.

129. I am adoration.

130. I am discernment.

131. I am integrity.

132. I am balance.

133. I am focus.


I am Renata.

Renata Nicole

© Renata Pittman and RenataNicole, 2015. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Renata Pittman and RenataNicole with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

7 thoughts on “I am Statements (Positive Affirmations)

  1. Dear Renata,

    More power to you! I would like to make an addition to your I am list. I am truly someone special. I love myself.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carly says:

    “In an effort not to speak negatively about myself I try to remember that one of God’s names is I Am. I subscribe to the belief that the divine resides within me. I have no desire to speak negatively of the Father therefore I have become more watchful of how I finish an I am statement.”

    This quote in your blog really stands out to me. It’s so powerful and I absolutely love it. I have done a lot of personal development through audibles, prayers and more. This is something I knew but just was not seeing. You showed me a new perspective to remind myself. I am so grateful for you, thank you.


  3. Kay says:

    Wow this forum and YouTube video really resonated with me. I’m really mean to myself and I have been through hard situations ( like most ppl). I am trying to enjoy life and help myself think positively about me. I cried when you said ” I forgive myself for not loving myself”.. I feel connected to that statement.Thank you so much

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Marlu M says:

    Hello, Renata. I have a Facebook Group called The Self-Love Club. This blog would be useful to the participants. Perhaps you would allow me to share it? Also, is it possible we can have a Zoom.us conference call where you can tell the group about this in greater detail? 10 minutes should suffice. Please contact me.
    Thank you.
    – Marlu

    Liked by 1 person

    • RenataNicole says:

      I am happy to hear that you have formed a group focusing on self-love! You are welcome to share a link to the blog post so that others may find it. I will coordinate with you to further discuss a conference call.


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