A List of Speakers and Authors who Helped Me Love and Understand Myself More

Listed below are books, websites, Facebook pages that I found helpful on my personal self-love journey.  I have provided links to these websites and the names of these books in the hopes that you too can find a way to release past pain, expand your consciousness, obtain healthier relationships, and learn to love yourself and others at a higher level.

Some of the people offer help from a spiritual standpoint others don’t. Hopefully within this list you may find someone who can help you in your self-love journey.

As I continue my love walk I add new people so I encourage you to revisit this section.


Byron Katie has done extensive work in helping others to change the way they think. I have found her teachings to be helpful in releasing old hurts and in changing my thought process. She has authored several books and you can also find her teachings on YouTube. Her website is designed to help those experiencing fear, anger, depression, addiction and or violence.


By reading and listening to Natalie Lue’s work I received insight on how have healthier relationships and began to identify why my relationships weren’t working. She also helped me to find ways to improve my self-esteem and to recognize when I am seeking external validation. She discusses emotionally unavailability extensively. While her work is secular her truth is sound. She can also be found on Facebook and has authored books to help people with regards to obtaining healthier romantic relationships.


Iyanla Vanzant’s work was instrumental in helping me to begin the process of letting go of my past pain and also it caused me to do some deep self analysis and soul therapy. Her book Peace from the Broken Pieces caused me to dig through past childhood hurts and to start the healing process. Her work was pivotal in helping me to transform my thinking and becoming a healthier me.


Les Brown is a dynamic motivational teacher and his work has helped provide me with hope even when I felt completely hopeless. I actually first heard Les Brown speak when I was a teenager and I have carried his words ever since. He was a major player in teaching me that I could persevere through anything.


Susan Winter is a professional love and life mentor as well as a relationship expert. Her work helped me to understand relationship dynamics in a way that helped give me a clear picture of who I was and why I behaved the way I do. She has a YouTube channel under her name Susan Winter.


Dr. Wayne Dyer has authored several books and he has done multiple PBS specials. I often watch his YouTube clips and his insight has helped me to recognize how my thoughts play a monumental role in my life. His work has helped me to let starve my ego and stop being as self-absorbed as I was in my past.


Through Tony Gaskins I found advice on how to increase my level of self-respect, self-worth and also how to seek healthier relationships.


Trent Shelton is a motivational speaker and his video clips have helped me to find encouragement and to remember to remain faithful during times of adversity. He also helped me to remember the importance of loving me and not staying in unhealthy relationships.


Tyrese Gibson is an actor and singer who often posts inspirational video clips on his Facebook page those clips have helped me to recognize the importance of loving myself and taking responsibility for my life.


Lisa Nichols is a motivational speaker who has helped me to believe that I can achieve success and who inspires me to strive for greatness.

Codependent No More

Is a book by Melody Beattie that helped me to understand what codependency was and how to take the steps to stop engaging in the unhealthy behavior.


Christine Hassler is a life coach, best-selling author of Expectation Hangover and speaker. She also has a YouTube channel at christinehassler. She has several YouTube videos on personal and spiritual growth which I have found to be very helpful.

Kavita J Patel (YouTube Channel)

Kavita J. Patel is a life coach who provides help to women by helping the, discover what is stopping them in love. By watching her YouTube videos on Kavita tv I was able to uncover unhealthy patterns that I  had adopted and found forgiveness and the ability to break the patterns.

Jaime Primak Sullivan is a publicist, producer and writer who has a wonderful YouTube channel that you can find by searching her name on YouTube. Also and you can also find her on Facebook by following this link. She shares advice from the lessons that she has learned from her life and empowers people to love themselves. She refers to her YouTube shows cawfeetalk and I have to tell you even though I am more or a tea drinker I fell in ln love with her work during our first coffee talk.

Amy Young has a popular YouTube channel that can be found by searching her name Amy Young on YouTube or by following this link she discusses dating advice, relationships, goals empowerment, confidence and life. She makes me laugh but most of all she makes think. She does what she calls a “Freestyle Friday and a “Mantra Monday” so you can find updated self help videos biweekly. By going to her YouTube channel you can also find how you can get on her email list.

Mastin Kipp is an author and inspirational speaker who I follow on Facebook and subscribe to on YouTube. I found his YouTube channel (which you can find and subscribe by searching Mastin Kipp) to be helpful in helping me to find peace with who I am. His YouTube channel provides free coaching videos but for more information go to his website at thedailylove.com where you can sign up for his newsletter and additional information.

Daniel G. Amen, M.D. is a psychiatrist, a brain disorder specialist, director of the Amen Clinics, and author. I found his book Change Your Brain Change Your Body to be instrumental in helping me to understand the importance of taking care of my brain/mind. His writing help me to understand that by working to improve my mind that I was also improving my body and overall well being. This book has valuable nuggets of information and tips at I have found to be truly helpful.

JP Sears is an emotional healing coach and teacher who has uses humor and entertainment to encourage healing and growth in and inspiring and informative way. While he is known for his humorous and satirical YouTube videos he also has deeply serious and thought provoking YouTube videos as well. You can learn more about him by and his body of work by going to his website at www.AwakenWithJP.com and by viewing  his YouTube Channel at www.YouTube.com/AwakenWithJP. His other social media presence includes Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and I have made the link available below.

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